Sunday, May 06, 2007

Los Sin Nombre (The Nameless)

Five years after the her daughter has apparently been abducted and murdered in the most macabre of manners by a shadowy cult of pain-aholics, agency exec Claudia receives a chilling phone call: "Mummy, it's me...come and find me."

Jaume Balagueró's film has the good sense to remain pretty senseless right up until the very end.

It was certainly giving me the willies when I started watching it late the other night, but I had had an underlying, less visceral fear that it was going to be one of those horror flicks where the wave function of suggestion collapses midway through, leaving a concrete plot conclusion which is nowhere near as interesting (or scary) as all the dreadful possibilities previously insinuated. But no...

It was made a year after Ringu, and from the visuals alone you'd have to suspect that Balaguero had been influenced by that seminal piece of Asian fantasy-horror.

Bizarrely two of the key actors (both Spanish) have been dubbed.

The catchy theme song, My Black Dress by Berkeley punk band Fang, sounds to me a bit like a mix of Goldfrapp and Mecano. The video contains visual excerpts from the movie.

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