Friday, August 12, 2005


Where to start? How about kicking off with what on Earth was that pregnant girl doing on the airliner?

Episode one of Lost probably did enough to make sure that several million of us will lose our critical faculties for a few more hours at least. This is very much the old Twin Peaks ploy - put enough drama and mystery into the opening and people won't really notice that the rest is like a daytime soap with flashbacks.

Trouble is, although there was clearly a killer on the loose in Twin Peaks, he wasn't posing a clear and present danger to the life expectancy of an isolated group of people like an Alien or a Predator. The underlying enigma of Lost appears to include such a monster, yet just when we think the body count is about to advance with the usual incremental steps, the narrative turbulence starts and we are jolted backwards and forwards between the personal stories of the 40-odd survivors and the events that led up to them taking the plane. Stop-start storylines of this sort can only enfeeble the man-eating monster scenario, so it remains to be seen how far the dramatic goodwill from the first episode can be spread.

6.4m tuned in to Channel 4 on Wednesday night, but many of these were trapped between instances of Davina.

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