Thursday, November 17, 2005

Is it cos I is Kazakh?

Feeling a little left out of the political correctness loop, Kazakhstan's Foreign Ministry has threatened legal action against Sascha Baron Cohen who recently presented the MTV Europe Music Awards in Lisbon as the cow-punching Kazakh link-man Borat. It would be a shame if the courts were to deprive us of such an excellent charicature and one that has served to expose Madonna as "a genuine transvestite" and uncover some of the more unreconstructed attitudes prevalent in our own elite institutions.

Thankfully political correctness is not something the Spanish appear to know too much about. Last night's Ankawa was an old classic, featuring a Chihuahua that suckled on its owner's breasts and sang operatic arias, and a magnificent Andalucian horse that can dance to the beat of a Sevillana.

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