Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Angels & Demons

It's been a bad month for cinema this particular month that I chose to return to the UK. Since taking myself off to see Star Trek almost immediately after arrival there's been little to tempt me back into the Reading Vue. This week I'd reached the stage where I was just about prepared to go and see any old nonsense. Suppose Angels and Demons, I duly pondered, is just so awful it ends up being entertaining?

In the end I suppose it did the trick, though not being one for puzzles of any kind, there were parts of the first third which threatened to sedate me.

Overall I couldn't help thinking of Epitafios. Professor Langdon doesn't pop pills and chain-smoke quite like Lorenzo, but he does have a nack for solving complex symbolic brain teasers in time to arrive just before rigor mortis sets in.

Indeed, there's also much of the same sado-masochistic, Roman Catholic morbidity, the often shocking and wasteful violence, the sense of investigative incompetence, and the mass police casualties.

Grade: B

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