Friday, July 24, 2009

Que no lo estafen!

The pic above is testament to a common enough scam here in Antigua: the sale of well-situated terrenos by individuals who are not actually the legal owners of said plots.

At the legitimate end of the market it's hardly surprising that in a town once called Santiago of the Knights of Guatemala that there should be lingering pretensions of aristocracy in the marketing of real estate opportunities. A brief perusal of the local estate agents' rag Inmobilia reveals a plethora of blue-blooded residenciales: El Condado de this and Doña Fulana de that.

Then there are the ads which pander to our almost primeval desire to seek the security of dense woodland: 'Bosques de Antigua', 'Bosques del Eden', 'Portal del Bosque', 'Condominio Bosques De La Fontana' etc.

Amongst the most eye-catching and existentially-rattling pitches this month were:

Because my family deserves a better tomorrow - Plus Real Estate
Don't leave it in your dreams - Donde Vivir
A parenthesis within the city - La Boscana
Your family deserves this lifestyle - Portal del Bosque
They [your kiddies] will thank you - Condoiminio Bosques Del La Fontana
Drive 5 minutes more and save $30,000 - San Patricio Residenciales
Inspired by the urban architecture of London and Paris - Residenciales Premier San Cristobal

Though this one was less enticing...

We're holding 2008 prices - Bosques del Eden.

Meanwhile here in El Panorama there's a property being advertised in Que Pasa as part of a 'small gated community'. It does in fact effectively adjoin the compound currently being used by the PNC as their lock-up!

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