Friday, September 17, 2010

Si esto se trata de salir a pasear...

The 15th of September Grand Tikal Futura gunfight is generating juicy new speculations almost by the hour.

Rather belatedly, the PNC have offered up their 'the bad guys started shooting each other first' hypothesis, most probably as a posterior-covering exercise, but unfortunately for them, Colom still seems to be sticking to the 'failed operation' paradigm.

The army have meanwhile denied any involvement in the stake-out, insisting that their presence at the scene on Wednesday resulted from a spontaneous desire to give their colleagues in the PNC a helping hand.

V has her own theory: that the whole showdown was staged by Ramírez Barrios in order to get rid of his wife. He does seem to have an unusually mingin' other half for a would-be drug lord. She looks like a lavandera, opines V, albeit a lavandera de dosh!

Picked up in a clothes shop, Ramírez Barrios's missus later claimed in court that she no longer lives with the San Marcos kingpin, so it must be just a rather unpleasant coincidence that she was in the Tikal Futura when her 'ex' and his guardaespaldas got themselves into a bit of bother in the basement.

She was however caught on CCTV disembarking with her children and some wide-shouldered escorts from the soon-to-be-perforated Land Rover, and her bulging personal bank accounts have now been frozen.

Her public indignant denials of complicity and complaints about inconveniences imposed produced this seriously comic line: "Si esto se trata de salir a pasear, ya nunca más lo vuelvo a hacer" — a sentiment that V agrees with wholeheartedly.

The tiroteo has claimed a second mortal victim, an evangelical pastor who was apparently a guest at the hotel, and just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time according to his brother, but who, like the injured agente was carrying quite a lot of cash on him, and in spite of the counterclaim that this was 'una ofrenda por ser tan buen pastor' the authorities have already been preemptively linking him to the narcs.

Presumably the cop had been walking around with five thousand Euros por ser tan buen policía!

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