Thursday, February 03, 2011

Winter's Bone (2010)

Another first rate experience. I've now seen all the Academy-nominated 'best films' and one could make a strong case for almost all of them winning that gong (I think I might have to make an exception with The King's Speech however.)

There are two or three really stand-out scenes in Debra Granik's movie. One involves a character who V correctly identified as a real army recruitment officer and another a roadside stand-off, which she took as an indication of how one should ideally treat the cops who like to pull one over between Mixco and San Lucas.

In the end however, I struggled to believe that this folorn bunch of inbred Ozark hillbillies were operating the most immanently menacing drugs cartel in America's flyover territories. If they had been Romanian gypsies or even Belizean Mennonites, I would of course have had no problem at all in believing in their creepy criminal tendencies, so feel free to question the rationality of my scepticism on this point.

Grade: A-

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