Wednesday, June 15, 2011


This wonderful chap was making the most of a community Xmas party in San Sebastián de la Gomera that we sort of crashed a few years ago.

Just love the way he manages to integrate a repeat order for another chela into his dance moves...

I guess that in both temperament and to some extent accent, the people of La Gomera are closer to the tropical Hispanic model than Iberians proper.

This clip has always been a favourite souvenir of mine from that trip and I recently rediscovered it on an old 2003 Mac external drive that I managed to fire up again. As this was one journey we made without a digital camera, the Mini DV camcorder tapes I'm currently processing through Final Cut are a real treasure.


scott said...


Que hiciste!!

In my salsa/cumbia/merengue days I must have played that song 1,000 times.. It was a staple on the Latin scene for years. I even played it with a band in Huila, Colombia.

GC said...

aha, this is a side to your past we must discuss some day!