Monday, August 29, 2011

Travel Bites 2011: No2

Peru, at once sufficiently similar and sufficiently different from Guatemala, such that I was never quite certain whether I was in my comfort zone or not, a state of affairs which quite often resulted in a truly disconcerting travel experience.

These points of intersection and deflection could be either heartwarming or disheartening.

I could list a number of seminal Peruvian experiences which are emblematic of this conundrum. Take the cebiche for example, just like a ceviche, but tomatoes are out and sweet potatoes are in.


Anonymous said...

I would love to hear about this conundrum. Guatemalans and Peruvians, in the States, don't get along at all. Being Chapin, I am too close to the problem to see it. Please tell me more.

scott said...

I don't agree with the above statement--we have plenty of mutual Guatemalan and Peruvian friends. I've never seen this friction, at least on the East Coast.

GC said...

I didn't detect any hostility towards Guatemala/Guatemalans. Just the usual uncertainty as to where Guatemala might actually be - something I am more used to in Europe. One Peruvian I struck up a conversation with immediately came up with Ricardo Arjona and the Maya as possible conversation starters.