Thursday, October 13, 2011

Campero's image 'adjustment'

Severo is about right in this instance.

Having worked with companies like Shell that protect and venerate their brand/marque with a near religious devotion, this update from los Gutiérrez strikes me as reckless, whatever its relative merits aesthetically.

When you choose to revamp rather than refresh you are often showing premeditated disrespect for those customers who have, in some cases, a lifetime's worth of emotional investment in your brand.

It matters less for B2B firms, but leading consumer brands always try to make iterative changes where there is something in the design that signals backward compatibility. I'm not really seeing it here.

I note that their main corporate website has yet to make the leap, so either PC intends to roll out the new image regionally (something one of the world's leading brand owners like Shell is unlikely to contemplate), or they are being a bit chicken, and want to test the waters in Texas with a potentially more yufe-ful customer base before admitting to a brand desecration back home in the motherland.

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Begonia said...

Wow. It kind of looks like a Q'doba or a Moe's Burrito. Reading between the lines... "una imagen renovada y cálida, un ambiente moderno y un menú ampliado basado en recetas únicas de origen latino preparadas con el tradicional e inigualable sabor Campero"

Does this mean it's going to become "southwest fusion", like Qdoba and Chipotle?

I bet their market research has told them that when people outside latin america see a latin american fast food joint, they expect burritos to be on the menu.