Wednesday, March 01, 2017

Las hijas de PETA

I'm beginning to think Americans have collectively lost all sense of what is appropriate / in good taste.

First there was the parade of tourists at the Academy Awards, then last night Trump and the joint houses shamelessly milked the death of a US Navy Seal in the presence of his wife (which one commentator on CNN thought you'd have to be 'dead' not to be moved by). It certainly was pathetic, but not in the way Euripides would have understood.

And now this...

It clearly matters not to PETA that until recently many Cubans were veggies by default, growing what they could on their window-sills and roof terraces just to avoid starvation. That still the only people on the island who can eat beef legally are government officials and that all the best food is now being diverted to tourists. 

Or indeed that, thanks to the embargo, there has been a severe dearth of spices in Cuba such that almost all meals (and one would think this might be a particular issue for would-be vegans) are unspeakably bland.

But not, some PR bell end thought Cuba would be the perfect place to pull a stunt like this, 'because it is more accessible'. 

And so they are to get a little taste of Freedumb. 

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