Sunday, March 11, 2018

Penis extensions

I used to shoot automatic pistols for Cambridge University, Before the Dunblane massacre you could actually get a Half-Blue for that sort of thing - and you didn’t even have to take aim AT those losers from Oxford. 
I was trained by the British Army’s leading marksman, a colonel in the Military Police who was the father of my best mate at Girton.
I hate guns. I see no need for them whatsoever. I don’t own a gun for the same reason that I don’t own a Ferrari. I am completely comfortable with the size of my phallus. And I am never afraid of the other.


norm said...

Where you live, it is better to hire your gunman out. What does a security man cost? Our friend in Lanquin could send someone down to make one of those offers that is hard to refuse. It would cost more than a gangbanger from the city but the problem would be cleared up with minimal bloodshed. The City gangsters are cheap but might be more trouble than they seem at first blush. I'd buy a heavy shotgun just in case. I hate guns as well but I could go get one in less than an hour. It sounds like you need to hire someone with a licence to shoot villains. And I'd get a shotgun just for his days off. This too will pass. Be safe.

Inner Diablog said...

Thanks Norman.