Friday, November 27, 2020

Defining Moments

It's a bit of a shame that two moments in the Estadio Azteca have become so dominantly emblematic of the talent and spirit of Diego Maradona, one beautiful, the other less so.

For Pelé, the World Cup clip that is always shown seems to be a goal he DIDN'T score, also against England and also in Mexico (Estadio Jalisco) in 1970, where Gordon Banks pulled off an extraordinary save.

The constant repetition of the quarter finals of Mexico '86 is somewhat problematic because, even though Lineker pulled a late goal back (something that seems forget-able) England were never really in that match.

The Hand of God is thus almost irrelevant because Number Ten and his ten henchmen deserved to win and deserved to go on to take the Cup. An England victory that evening would have been an historical travesty.

Not long before passing Diego himself dictated that VAR (Validatory Argentinian Revenge?) would not have overruled his opener.

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