Saturday, January 22, 2005

Borough Market

On the subject of near-miss authenticity I was down in Borough Market this morning.

This was actually a bit of a recce because Maggie tipped me off last weekend that there was nothing less then a gen-yu-ine Jamoneria called Brindisa on the corner of Stoney Street that I should check out as part of the preliminary research I'm doing for my Guatemalan eatery-drinkery concept. I found it easily enough. Sure, there was a lone pork limb dangling in the window and the place was packed with punters at tiny tables decked out with fluted sherry glasses...but they all looked so GLUM. Nice try though. I guess I should have another peek during the week. Maybe even stop for a glass of fino.

As for the market, I need to come back another Saturday...but earlier. I was deterred from arriving within an hour of dawn this morning by Maggie's characterisation of Borough Market at 8am as a notorious open-air pick-up joint! Literally a meat market..without the trance anthems.

I can't really recommend it at lunchtime either. It's really just a tawdrier outdoor version of Selfridges Food Hall (with fewer bargains), where you have to constantly brush shoulders with solid clumps of zombie-like individuals stuffing their faces with greasy rocket-burgers.

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