Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Taking Lives

One of those serial killer thrillers that looks like it really did want to be different (Sexy cast, Philip Glass soundtrack, set in Canada etc.) but in the end just surrendered to the cliches. Perhaps the worst of the lot was the chase scene that becomes muddled with a passing street parade, but there are plenty of other candidates.

The French actors playing French-Canadian cops all seem to be struggling with congenital rudeness issues, and most card carrying Caneurcks will object to the attempt to pass off Québec City as Montréal.

There's one genuinely startling moment, but all the other 'twists' turn up having stirred up a rather obvious dust cloud as they approached.

Perhaps it might have been better if Ethan Hawke had been the agent seduced by a psychotic Angelina Jolie?

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