Friday, January 27, 2006

Evo-lution not Revolution?

Still wearing that sweater, Evo Morales was sworn in as Bolivia's new President last Sunday and immediately proclaimed the start of a 500 year Reich of indigenous rule. I'm still wondering if he will have to stand down after one term like the Presidentes of Guatemala.

Serial non-stander-downer Hugo Chávez was there in La Paz to watch the inauguration of his soul-mate en vivo and the next day took the opportunity of publicising his views on America's likely future role in the region: "The empire has entered the phase of desperation, like a vampire who sees dawn approaching and realizes that he still has not sucked enough blood."

Eschewing burgundy and blue in favour of his tried-and-tested balaclava and pipe look, Sub-Commandante Marcos was out preaching to a large crowd yesterday, in Cancún of all places. It's the first time I've actually heard his speaking voice and was suitably impressed with the way he manages to imitate the peculiar Spanish diction of the indigenous peoples.

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