Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Take Care of my Cat

This touching, low-concept Korean movie was shown last night on BBC4 as part of their Asian season. I've seen it before, or at least as much of it as I could take before nodding off, and I had a job staying awake again this time.

The cat in question is an undeniably cute stray kitten that is passed between five post-adolescent girlfriends all struggling in their own way to make the transition into their adult destinies. The film reveals how the intimacy of schoolgirl friendship is superceded by awkward group get-togethers and almost frantic texting and calling in between.

Not a lot actually happens, but one of the girls eventually manages to find her own path by coming to the assistance of the most vulnerable member of the group.

It's not as beautiful to look at as other Korean films I've seen, but the text messages the girls exchange are shown projected onto walls and buildings between scenes, which is as far as it goes in terms of artiness.

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