Monday, April 23, 2007

Antichrist faces setback

José Luis de Jesús Miranda, a Puerto Rican cult-leader and self-styled Antichrist, has been denied entry to Guatemala, where thousands of his followers have been gathering. It seems that he will now have to addresss them on a live video link, unless his legal team can overturn the ban.

In spite of having 666 tattooed on his arm, de Jesús Miranda apparently feels that the resurrected Christ has been properly integrated into his own person, which means that his own teachings can be said to supercede those of Jesus. His Growing in Grace church has 2m followers worldwide.

Guatemalan authorities have decided, after weeks of deliberation, that the visit constituted a threat to their national security. (Anyone that proclaims that all Catholic priests are kiddyfiddlers must be a terrorist, right?)

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