Friday, April 13, 2007


"It's almost like Billy Zane was never a good actor," V lamented at the end.

Zane has made a career out of maritime disasters and you might say that there has been none more disasterous than this one, were it not for the fact that it is so bizarrely entertaining. It has a bit of everything and a whole load of nothing.

After their pleasure cruiser goes down three equally unsympathetic characters end up marooned for months on what must be the Caribbean's least visited desert island.

Zane plays a boozy, egotistical rich bloke running to seed on both physical and mental levels with Brook, his real life fiancee, assuming the role of the fickle, slutty trophy wife of his nightmares. She is inevitably drawn to uptight mangazo Manuel played by Juan Pablo di Pace, a character hailing from that famously tropical nation, Argentina. Little does she know that back on the mainland Manuel's jilted ex is in fact a vindictive voodoo witch whose sanguinary imprecations are seen to be negatively influencing the shipwrecked threesome's ability to establish domestic detante on their island.

A veritable chirmolazo, that had us laughing more than most self-professed comedies. Not sure I could recommend it with a straight face though.

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