Thursday, May 24, 2007

Who's afraid of wi-fi?

Rob Lyons of Spiked has been getting on Panorama's case:

"Given the paucity of evidence about the negative health impacts of wi-fi, a more interesting documentary might have examined the reasons why some groups of people alight upon one aspect or another of modern life (wi-fi, power lines, pesticides, household chemicals - the list seems endless) to explain mysterious illness or as the focus of fears about the future. As Frank Furedi notes elsewhere on spiked, ‘perceptions of risk, ideas about safety and controversies over health, the environment and technology have little to do with science or empirical evidence. Rather, they are shaped by cultural assumptions about human vulnerability.’"

Meanwhile, anyone still keen to avoid those clouds of harmful radiation can sign-up for a new hot-spot detection service called We-Fi.

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