Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Salzburg eliminated

Am watching the live webcast from the Westin Camino Real (Izabal room) in Guatemala City as the host city for the 2014 Winter Games is elected.

An Italian IOC member is complaining that his voting machine is on the blink. He is asked to swap seats with a non-voting (Russian) member of the committee. It's between Sochi and PyeongChang and the winner will be announced shortly.

Yesterday my sister-in-law reported watching Vladimir Putin's motorcade passing in front of her office block with near batallion strength police escort, front and back.

Update: Have switched to watching the announcement on Russia Today. Glum-looking Koreans. The anchorman says that he expects they will all soon be "patting the Russian delegation on the back"!

Further update: someone left a box with three puppies (electricos) outside our house the other day. V has decided to keep one (temporarily she says) and has named the little bitch Sochi !

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