Monday, February 25, 2008

"That guy is so arrogant!"

Said Jon Stewart (in jest of course) of Glen Hansard last night after he accepted his statuette from the Scientologist with the spray-on hairstyle. Markéta Irglová was drowned out by a somewhat vainglorious version of her music the first time, but came back later to give an equally touching message of hope.

I do hope this award helps them flog a lot of DVDs of Once, which I have long since forgiven for its 'sunday-afternoon scruffiness'. And the song itself:

Javier Bardem's official date was his mother last night, but Penélope was around somewhere.

Glad to see him win his Oscar... and all of Spain seems to have gone pretty wild about it too, especially politicians on both sides of the electoral campaign. Amazed that the Academy gave the Best Actress award to a Frenchwoman acting in her native tongue, but I do enjoy Marianne's acceptance speeches. And Cormac McCarthy looked over the moon when best film was announced. No poor decisions this year really.

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