Friday, February 29, 2008


Not without its faults but possibly just as deserving of the Best Film Oscar as No Country for Old Men. At its best in the middle section when the characters really come alive and when you can get a disarmingly strong impression of the feelings going on behind the sophisticated dialogue scripted by Diablo Cody. It's always on a bit of a tightrope though, and Juno's ex-military dad wobbles between refreshing sensitivity and glib unrealism. Frode wasn't impressed with the soundtrack and didn't much care for either the beginning or the end, but was relieved that it soon struck away from the comic sensibilities of Napoleon Dynamite, a movie he hadn't much cared for.

As for Ellen Page, last seen in Hard Candy, I think Roger Ebert has summed up her performance pretty well: "
Page's presence and timing are extraordinary. I have seen her in only two films, she is only 20, and I think she will be one of the great actors of her time."

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