Thursday, November 06, 2008

Who can you trust in Guatemala?

A study published in Prensa Libre reveals the low levels of trust across a variety of important institutions in Guatemalan society. Colom does comparatively well though:
  • 39% President Álvaro Colom
  • 23% Guatemalan Army
  • 25% Policía Nacional Civil
  • 15% The Supreme Court of Justice
  • 22% Private enterprises
  • 21% Banks
  • 13% Unions

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James said...

They left out one important party ... can you trust Prensa Libre? The editors of that paper are owned and operated by the country's business elite. They aren't even allowed to report on when two of the country's richest men, Juan Luis Bosch and Dionisio Gutierrez, get nailed for fraud.