Sunday, May 03, 2009

The Berlin Diaries of Marie "Missie" Vasiltchikov (1)

Missie's diary takes one back immediately to an era when people could put up with quite a lot in terms of chaos and destruction, not to mention insane and incompetent politicians. 

Our generation in comparison is a bit pathetic. A couple of banks go tits up and we lose the will to live. Bomber Harris might have saved himself the hassle of months of day and night bombing raids (which ultimately seemed to have had little impact on German morale) and just parachuted a sneezing Mexican into the Third Reich's capital. 

Sunday Feb. 6, 1944: "Much of the Kufürstendamm is now destroyed. Tried to look up Sigrid Görtz who lived just behind it. Her house was the only one still standing. I went up the stairs but they stopped in mid-air and her flat at the top was gone; nobody knew where she was."

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