Monday, May 25, 2009

Body of Lies

Not sure whether it wants to be a plot-driven or a character-driven movie, though it's much better at the latter.

Mark Strong's dodgy Arab vanquishes the performances from Ridley Scott's perennial chums Crowe and Di Caprio.

Crowe plays a vainglorious CIA operations man who appears to run the war on terror from his kids' little league pitch. "There are no innocents" and "there's nothing to like" about the Middle East are his watchwords. Meanwhile Di Caprio plays his favourite on-the-scene operative as a man who is sorely tempted to go native.

Plot absurdities aside it's not a bad movie. I watched half on the Virgin Airbus and then downloaded the rest to watch at home. The plaintive Arabian score is now a cliché, albeit one that Scott himself probably invented.

Grade: B (+)

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