Tuesday, June 06, 2017


Back in the 80s the British Army's response to Belize's nascent drug trafficking industry was positively genocidal. The Paras tended to use the narcos and other gangs for target practice and there weren't many international hacks or NGOs around to have much of a moan about it.

Belize was then considered the very model of a peaceful backwater in this troubled region, then the British Amy pulled out and it now sports one of the highest (recorded) homicide rates in the world.

These days whenever a Central American cop offs a designated bad hombre in overkeen circumstances there is an immediate outcry of 'extrajudicial murder!'

Yet when British or French armed fuzz respond to a suspected terrorist incident in a manner commensurable with John Wick on the Red Bulls, everyone is like 'Yeah, terminate with extreme prejudice!!!'

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