Friday, July 28, 2006

Bien Cuidado Seño' ?

Individuals asking for money to look after parked cars were also a feature of 20s London according to George Orwell. This activity was known as glimming, and was illegal.

The day before yesterday V dropped her mobile on the rough land behind our house in Antigua. During the afternoon I called and someone answered (it sounded like a young woman) but made out that she couldn't hear me. Later in the day V realised her phone was missing and went back to where she walked the dog in the morning...and found her phone!

Guatemala is vying with Venezuela to take-over Argentina's permanent seat on the UN Security Council. With heavy backing from the US, President Oscar Berger reckons he is closing in on the required votes tally. "We have 98 countries backing us, I'm not going to mention names," he added. "A vote for Guatemala is seen as a vote for the Bush administration, and globally that's not very popular these days," observes Michael Shifter, an analyst at the Inter-American Dialogue, a Washington-based think tank. Meanwhile, Hugo Chavez has been building up his airmiles on a tour to promote Venezuela's candidacy.

Guatemala's Public Hospitals ended their 48-day partial strike yesterday after the Health Ministry agreed to increase the health sector budget from the current $276 million up to $410 million in 2007. Guatemala devotes just 0.9 percent of GDP to health services, the lowest in the region.

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scott said...

That's a very strange story about the someone picked it up off the ground, answered it, and then left it there?

It almost reminds me of a scene from David Lynch's Lost Highway!

We nbow have our tickets....we'll be in Guatemala from Oct. 26 to November 7. We plan on (among other things) seeing the kite festival in Sacatepequez on the Dia de los Muertos....