Friday, August 25, 2006

Cut Above

Mark Ek from Caye Caulker sent me this great chopper shot of 'the split', which local legend insists was created by Hurricane Hattie in 1961 (though others mention an unfortunate dredging incident).

Back in '89 I accidentally tossed a frisbee into this deep splice and was volunteered for salvage duty by my housemates. I hired a mask, snorkel and flippers and plunged in, struggling against the very strong current flowing through the channel. As I reached the bottom I found myself in the middle of some fast-moving marine traffic. Where were all those fish going to such in a hurry? Turning to my right I caught a glint from the gnashers of several smiling barracudas just entering the split. I abandoned the frisbee-retrieval operation for that afternoon.

Yesterday London Daily Photo featured this pic of a cow from Hackney city farm. We have one of these urban-agrarian institutions on the island: Mudchute. One of the residents is a fairly aggresive llama that likes to spit at the cows. According to The Londonist this is not the only issue facing Mudchute's masticators.

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ilsurfero said...

Housemates! ha ahaah more like prisonwarders the way you were glugging down the Rum Punch! Yes, it was a rather feeble rescue attempt and I still haven't got my frisbee back thank you. Diabolical.