Friday, January 18, 2008

The Art of Political Murder (3)

Goldman has had a jolly good go at camping up most of Guatemala's recent history with his book.

Take for instance his descriptions of Major Francisco Escobar Blas, a man 'famous' with his troops for walking around with the severed heads of dead guerrillas; one in each hand. A man whose basilisk-like stare was so cold and intense that people imagined her was wearing eyeliner.

He also tries to effectively throw the defence's claim that the death of Bishop Gerardi was a lio de homosexuales back in its face, by late on asserting that two of the EMP officers previously mentioned in the book had been found in bed together and that the Limas and Diego
Arzú (the former President's apparently sexually-ambiguous offspring) were somehow connected with an up-market gay casa de citas in Zona 2, run by mysetrious femme fatale Martha Jane Melville Novella (who was also some kind of patron to Father Mario Orantes.)

Goldman also makes passing mention of the 1991 murder in Guatemala of Financial Times journalist Anson Ng, who had been investigating BCCI and its security agents, reportedly involved in a string of violent crimes and cover-ups in the US and elsewhere. Goldman doesn't go there, but Ng's demise has in the past been tied into the mother of all countercultural conspiracy theories known as The Octopus.

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