Friday, January 25, 2008

Left overs

Colom's plans to achieve 6% growth in 2008 have already hit a roadblock, as his staff have apparently unearthed a massive unreported debt left behind by the previous government which will impact on Guatemala's macroeconomic figures. In a statement yesterday he said:

“I promised transparency, I said I would show figures and each ministry is reporting to me, but I can already advance that the debt of the Ministry of Communications is over 2 billion Quetzales (US $265 million), when we had been told it was under US $40 million.”

Meanwhile, controversial journalist Hugo Arce − no friend of the Coloms − was found dead in a hotel room yesterday, apparently from a self-inflicted gunshot to the heart. The police have chalked this up as a suicide because the door was bolted from inside and they reckon it would be nearly impossible for anyone to have exited the room via the windows. Arce had been accused by the then Presidential candidate of defaming him in return for cash from GANA. But the dead columnist had also recently made an enemy of the PP's Diputada Baldetti, her of the nice new gaff in Juan Gaviota.

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