Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Quaking again

Around the time I was clambering into bed at the farm last night after my Balkan trip (4am-ish) V was standing outside in the cold in Panorama with most of the vecinos, quite badly shaken up after a quake off the Pacific coast that had a preliminary reported magnitude of 6.1 and which lasted 32 seconds.

The epicentre was near Puerto Quetzal and the severity of it was enough to bring the Vice-President onto national TV. V said it was a truly terrifying experience as the fundamental movement was more up and down than the usual side to side swaying, and the noises made by the water in our cistern beneath the garage were particularly unnerving as she struggled to get the keys in the lock. The dogs didn't seem to detect this one before it hit.

Along with most of the other residents of our street she spent an hour and half outside wary of after-shocks which never came. The last biggie was the 6.7 on June 13 last year.

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