Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Starting the day well

Breakfast is one of the better reasons for hanging out in Central America...from grease-soaked fry jacks in Belize to the action packed treat that is Huevos Motuleños in Mexico.

Guatemalan desayunos also feature generous quantities of eggs and frijoles...plus fruit of course. The pic above shows the breakfast I was recently served on the Trans Galgos (Greyhound) first class service to Tapachula. Its centrepiece was a little round plate of pancakes and syrup, which was complemented by a salad of papaya, watermelon and pineapple, rice pudding, banana bread and an actual banana.

One of our own favourite breakfast delights over here is an infusion made from plantain. First you chop up your plantain into roughly six segements of equal size, leaving the skin on. Then you boil (and simmer) these in water, adding honey and a few drops of vanilla essence. (Though cinammon and LOADS of sugar are the commoner local additives.)

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