Monday, July 20, 2020

Oxford vaccine news...

As a member of Cambridge I have some disclosable lack of objectivity, but I found today’s announcement regarding preliminary trials of the Oxford vaccine underwhelming. 

It’s safe e.g. minimum requirement met. And yet can cause a fever, and so inevitably will create some disruption during rollout and a possibly larger number than otherwise might elect to refuse it. 

We still don’t have a proper sense of how protective it is or, maybe more crucially, if it reduces infectiousness. 


Gary Denness said...

I suffered a minor reaction, including mild fever, from a tetanus jab in my teens. It happens. But there wasn’t a lunatic antivax movement back then.

Still, I’m optimistic. Not least because my disclosable lack of objectivity revolves around a desperate need to travel. Sadly, there’ll be no vax in September or October, for our planned Porto/Malta trips.

Inner Diablog said...

These were decisions our parents took for us.

This time I think kids will be lower down the list.

If I come back to the UK for the Oxford jab and then return to Guatemala where nobody has yet been vaccinated. I don't think I'd be doing anyone any favours because I might then become an asymptomatic spreader. The vaccine works by simultaneously protecting the individual and fostering 'herd immunity'.