Friday, May 19, 2006


In return for the cup of milky English tea I made him the other day my French colleague Joel let me in on one of his (formerly) closely guarded secrets - a Korean restaurant in Golden Square called Arang.

I haven't been so pleased to discover a new dining in London for a long time. My cousin and I were the only natives in a big room full of strikingly attractive young Koreans collectively poking away at the barbecues set the middle of every table.

Perhaps because I booked in advance the manager made a fuss over us all evening and sent over a plate of fresh fruit on the house for dessert. Joel had also recommended the cold noodle soup with pear which I managed to get appended to the set menu - delicious. The waitress instructed me how to add just the right quantities of (English?) mustard and vinegar to this delicately sweet broth.

As with most of these places tried out for the first time, the trick for all future visits will be to eat less!

There's a curiousity-inducing cocktail bar in the basement that is certainly private, and possibly only admits the sharper-dressed sort of Koreans. I didn't get much further than a hand on the glass door.


scott said...

Hey, you are a man after my (culinary) heart...I lived in Korea as a young teenager in the '70s and have loved Korean food ever since. I am lucky enough to live in a DC suburb--Annandale--that is heavily Korean (and Vietnamese, and Salvadoran) and have the choice of many great Korean restaurants. Within the last few years the Hispanics have discovered Asian food, esp. the Vietnamese noodle soup known as Pho...(Asian mondongo, or levanta muertos!) It's an interesting cultural blending going on.

scott said...

PS...ever been to Korea Town in Guatemala City? I've driven past it, but don't know if there are restaurants, shops, etc. I admit it was a shock one day to suddenly see a number of signs written in hangul...esp. as much of Guate City reminds me of parts of Seoul in the '70s. "Where am I?"

El Blogador said...

No, never been there. Which zone is it in? Our house is in Antigua and my wife has a lifelong aversion to the capital, so we don't do much exploring over there!

Korean cinema is becoming v. popular over here in the UK now.

scott said...

I just asked Betty...she recalls it was in Zone 11 or thereabouts. I seem to recall it was near the Tikal Futura, close to where I zipped the wrong way down a one-way street and the traffic cops just laughed and waved me on...

Betty grew up in and around Zona Uno and an area called Bethania, so we tend to spend time around there. The city kind of grows on you after a has an energy to it.

El Blogador said...

Have been a couple of times to the Tikal Futura for fast food...and on a detour in the area whem the traffic to the airport was solid.

'Adventure Girl' arrived last night! Will try to watch this week.