Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Infernal Affairs 3

More of a gap-plugger than anything else, and as the gaps being plugged occur at the end of the first and second films, I probably ought to have refreshed my memory of these in advance.

In contrast to the second installment all of the big names have returned (plus a few new major characters), but the emphasis is firmly back on style, so we learn little new about any of them - Wong and Sam in particular are very much background characters here.

Overall it savoured of yesterday's salad, brought back to life by chucking in some new ingredients and generally re-tossing.

Kelly Chen's Dr Lee has had her significance extended, with some gently comic-romantic scenes with Leung. There's a particularly memorable one where a split screen creates the illusion of a simultaneous session with the two moles on couches either side of her, finally coughing up their parallel secrets.

By the end Lau's "never-ending hell" has become a great deal worse. Perhaps this doom, or at least fate-laden trilogy will start a trend for greater metaphysical profundity in crime-thrillers.

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