Tuesday, October 24, 2006

"Wife Sentence"

There are two kinds of wedlock that any sensible bachelor should do his level best to avoid: marriage to a dowdy and submissive piece of female furniture and marriage to a shallow, materialistic scrubber.

However Rachel DeWoskin, writing in the Sunday Times magazine, reveals that the wealthier sort of Chinese man has the genuinely masochistic option of experiencing both at the same time, all thanks to a modern cultural spin on the ancient tradition of ernai, or second wives.

Her article also contained this little gem:
"The China Daily, China’s biggest English-language newspaper, reported this August that a new “anger release” bar had opened in eastern China, at which clients can take out their aggression by punching and kicking male servers. It noted, without analysis of why this might be, that the clients are mostly karaoke and massage parlour hostesses, mostly angry women."

1 comment:

John said...

Chance would be a fine thing ...
give me a materialistic scrubber anyday! hah ahahahha.