Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Adoption law passed

It took a while, but Guatemala finally has a brand new law on adoptions which will come into effect with the new year. It was passed by the congress with 109 votes in favour and only one against. (He/she must be feeling a bit politically isolated right now.)

There will no longer be any adopciones notariales as the only lawyers that can get involved from now on have to be employed by the state. Article 12 of the new statute ensures that adopted chirices can retain dual nationality even after exportation. The Hague Convention is followed to the extent that birth mothers have to spend six weeks with their babies while the paperwork is sorted out.

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Anonymous said...

I wouldn't be that happy about this law. It clearly shows how you are not doing any good to children but avoiding them to have a family.

The law ensures that the bureaucratic procedures will harm the children's best.

A law can be as good as it can harm those it aimed to protect. This law is harming orphan children and taking away from them a chance to a happier life.

You need to review what this law is about. I wish it were only what you wrote about. It is a lot more and I fear of it!

Here's the link to the Law (in Spanish)

Check it and please write again to see if you change your mind once you read it carefully.

best regards,