Friday, December 14, 2007

Mano Dura?

Fabio Capello, an Italian with a confessed admiration for the 'order' that Francisco Franco brought to Spain, has today been appointed as the next England manager. A bit of goose-stepping is so often the required medicine for chronic national humiliation.

Soho Square remains full of opportunistic hacks, plus a bloke in a John Bull get-up protesting the foreign appointment.

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T. C. Bunstead said...


Queue dissolution of people's 'representatives' / the f.a?! Brilliant.

Was just about to post something on this - it'll also be interesting to see FC's attitude to the WAG brigade - I was working for Real Madrid TV last season when journalists were outlawed from training sessions, reportedly due to FC's opinion that some female journalists were acting as 'distractions' to the players...

Liked your blog so much I might just leave it at this!

Un saludo.