Saturday, December 15, 2007

Virgin birth

I'm with Hitchens on this one. I found the answers given by most of the believers depressing, but Ann Widdecombe's, revealing her inner sophist, made me smile.


Unknown said...

I am with Grayling :)

Anyway, Hitchens' answer is weird. "absurdities that are drawn from the mythology of paganism and barbarism."? Doesn't that imply that there are mythologies that are not absurd? Besides, the entire concept of paganism comes from the word "rustic", just like barbarism means uncivilised. Does he imply that there are more elitist religions that are ok to adhere to? :)

This could be so easily said by a Scientologist: your religion is absurd, so I'll make a better one.

Is Hitchens a true atheist or just an anti-Christian?

Anonymous said...

heh..."Look, I’ve successfully survived 42 years as a member of the Church of England without ever having to give serious thought to the Virgin Birth and I jolly well don’t see why I should be put on the spot now just for the sake of a Speccie feature."


My father used to call the virgin-birth myth the greatest fraud ever perpetrated on a poor carpenter.