Monday, December 03, 2007

Flight 438

The Consumerist reports discrepancies between a FAA report about what happened to this Southwest Airlines flight and the testimony of passengers:

"We all thought we were going to die! We said our goodbyes. There was an explosion and holes in the right engine with something sharp still sticking out of the engine. The plane started shaking so bad. The flight attendant was crying and one was getting oxygen because she was hyperventilating."

Interesting. A few years ago when I was on an American Airlines flight out of Miami which experienced an engine fire on take-off the stewardess started blubbing too. Stressful it certainly was, but you'd think they had been trained to be more useful in an emergency.


Anonymous said...

We didn't have any of the things your post mentions when coming to LAX from Guatemala. Ours was not an emergency per se, but it could have been.
We had a kid who was about six, but behaved as if he were two. He started crying, yelling and kicking before take-off in Guate and only took some time out when asleep, eating or um, asleep. People were beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel when we finally landed, but then we were told to sit down. The captain announced our gate was blocked and it would be another 20 minutes before anything were to happen. I thought someone was going to start yelling like the kid at any given moment. We were offered extra drinks, but who wants a drink when there is a kid yelling what we are all thinking, "LET ME OUT!"
I think the flight attendants knew this and that is why they insisted that each passenger get a drink.

Inner Diablog said...

Hmmm, Another successful adoption from Guatemala..!