Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Cryptic signs used by burglars

There other day V and I completed a survey on Cognitive Daily which was introduced thus:

"Most of us believe that the things we do to stay safe make a lot of sense. But some other people clearly are being unreasonably careful. One might even call them "paranoid." But is there a general consensus about how to stay safe in the modern world? Or does it depend -- on your age, where you live, or just your own personality quirks?"

There are plenty of reasons to be paranoid about security here in Guatemala, but even still, judging by the emails I get from friends, it strikes me that there's something rather pathological about the pervasive fascination with the innovative techniques reportedly being developed by Guatemala's crims.

For instance I find this graphic depicting the various glyphs supposedly employed by passing burglars rather amusing (especially 'Muy Interesante'), but then if I were a bored teenager I'd be looking for my piece of chalk already...

Update: The new guy from Salvavidas recently went round scribbling an "S" on the doors and gates of all regular Monday morning customers. That must have freaked a few people out...

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