Monday, April 27, 2009


Pontiac is dead. And so will we all be quite shortly if the flumours are to be believed.

I had a girlfriend with a Pontiac (Firebird) when I was 17. The windows couldn't be rolled down so getting in and out was all very Dukes of Hazard.

In Guatemala City, a hospital director has just told local radio that a 29-year old who had recently been to Mexico has symptoms similar to those reported in swine flu cases up there. Up until now the Guatemalan media weren't particularly interested in the gathering doom up north in the land of their unloved neighbour.

V and I are a few years the wrong side of the fatal age-range; for once it may be advantageous to be a bit over the colina. (And to be living the troglodyte lifestyle.)

But will the UK welcome me back next month...and perhaps more pertinently, will I want to share a Jumbo with a bunch of spluttering sickies?

Anyway, dumbass panics such as these provide a feast of opportuities for buitre-like, bad news investors such as myself. Take Continental Airlines. Down 16% at the start of today's trading, but recovering nicely already. Did the stock take its Tamiflu as soon as symptoms developed?

Has anyone considered the altitude and air quality of Mexico DF as complicating factors?

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