Thursday, January 14, 2010

Calentandome los huesos

When I didn't even have to put on a jumper for New Year's Eve, it did cross my mind that we might be about to get lucky and have a mild January this year in Antigua. Normal service was quickly restored however.

Before setting off on this jaunt to the north I'd been mentally warming myself up by repeatedly viewing this video I shot at an unspoiled stretch beach on what V calls the Yuca-tanga; a location I was determined to revisit.

But this little clip was taken back in October when I was wandering around with a towel around my neck several hours after sundown in order to prevent all the mositure inside of me from leaking away. I'd been drinking litre bottles of water every hour. This time I seem to have built up a little collection of the things.

The beach was of course still there and still blindingly white, although there were a few more Septics wandering up and down it now that they have decided to be afraid of exploding transatlantic aeroplanes instead of lung-swamping flu bugs.

Yet when the sun dipped behind a cloud, it was all a bit brrrrrrr. Indeed, a cab driver informed me on my arrival that things had recently been even chillier, when the worst cold snap in 124 years passed over the peninsula.

Back home in Antigua V has declared herself officially emponchada. Guatemala is one of those countries (very much like my own) that seems unable to cope with any kind of extreme weather, be it a somewhat atypical wet season rainfall or a sudden surprising dip in the temperature.

Yesterday, after further snowfall in the UK, "the economy ground to a halt" according to the newspapers. Still the forecast predicts a slight thawing today and tomorrow and so I should be able to get around next week without one of those enormous quad snow bikes that the gringo on our street bizarrely brought down to Guatemala with him from Florida last year. Does he know something we don't?

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