Thursday, January 07, 2010


Here's a great little clip of a torito doing its thing last Thursday night. It was taken by my friend S just before we met up with him and his wife in the parque.

As mentioned before the frames no longer seem to be set up to fire rockets horizontally out the side, which is a good thing given the lack of rapid evacuation space in the Calle del Arco these days. Still, the ones I saw lit up after midnight on New Year's Eve were firing off some very high-powered and colourfully-explosive rockets vertically, so it's still a rather dangerous profession for the chap inside.

Walking across the parque at around 11:30 I spotted a family enjoying a New Year's feast around a long covered table topped with silver candelabra. (It was set up on the outer pathway more or less opposite the bank next to Chimino's.) I regret not having my camera ready at the time to get a snap of this scene.

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