Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Spread (2009)

Nunca falta un roto para un descosido....or maybe not.

With Spread — known to much of the international movie marketplace as Toy Boy — Scottish director David MacKenzie's might have been trying to do for the Kutcher-Moore marriage what Kubrick did for the Cruises.

It's at once a celebration of superficial sexiness of its star and the indecent manner of its deployment in this cynical lothario scenario, and a dark satire on the fate of LA's imported heartbreakers.

We watched it without preconceived expectations and I do indeed suspect that prior knowledge of the plot via preview could only spoil what for us was the real pleasure of the film — the largely unpredictable resolution of the tension between its Nip/Tuck aesthetics (and ethics) and its redemptive streak of romcom optimism.

Grade: B++

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