Thursday, December 30, 2010

Despedida del año 2,010

The Muni et al. have helpfully provided this handy guide to the goings on here tomorrow afternoon.


Begonia said...

Que aburrido. Antigua really is becoming a retirement community.

GC said...

At the last minute Gallo advertised some 'luces' at midnight, but refused to say where they were going to be let off - except to add that it wasn't going to be in the calle del arco. I'm told that the crowds were pretty tremendous anyway. We skipped the whole tedious spectacle.

Although the intenion was clearly to bore people to tears, this kind of event (rather like the posadas) form an excellent pretext for large groups of teens to form and hang out away from parental supervision. (Viz September birthday incidence)

In previous years we've used it as an excuse as well, for not being in someone's home at midnight. Which is why the earlier scheduling meant that this year that is exactly where we ended up.