Monday, December 13, 2010

Guatemalan Architectural Innovations No7b : Siguen los chapuces


Begonia said...

Wow. Are my eyes deceiving me? It looks like they didn't even bother to place the upper part of the triangular facade completely over the load-bearing wall.

Time to start taking bets. I vote 6 months for the first serious cracks to appear on the lower facade.

GC said...

Your eyes deceive you not.

They have come up with some sort of cuña behind the triangular elevation, designed I suppose to stop it toppling forwards into the yard next time there's a tremor, but don't bank on it working. The guys doing this job are just kids.

It's the sort of thing the consejo usually come and put a stop to, but this building is actually at the rear of a larger property and isn't visible from the main street.