Thursday, December 09, 2010

Milking La Tetita

Just when we thought Justin Bieber was the most annoying thing to emerge from the 'yutubeh', along came this...

Wendy followed up her breakthrough Huayno smash with Cerveza, both clips viewed by over 3m people, though judging by the comments beneath them, not universally well received.

Undeterred, the Peruvian teen has taken her rechinazos folclóricos around the globe, appearing live with Calle 13 and Jiggy Drama. The invite to WOMAD might take a while yet.

Personally I think the arpista in the backing group ought to consider a solo career, though he might need a stage name as he currently answers to that of Hugo Chávez.

The Spanish media in particular has been taking the Miguel, the hosts of Sé Lo Que Hicisteis going so far as to compose their own traditional Iberian ditty in response to Sulca's threat to show up in the old imperial heartland:

I'm quite partial to this dark beer trance remix of Cerveza:


scott said...

That is quite possibly the grimmest, most ill-conceived, horrifying,and ear-destroying video ever created. What were they thinking??

OK, off to get un vaso de leche.

PS a certain ex-antigueno might have appreciated that.

GC said...

Indeed he would have.

Anonymous said...

Latin American child singers are one of the most repugnant aspects of this hemisphere. If I were to have a personalized hell, la Tetita (really?) would figure prominently in it.