Friday, May 15, 2020

Bucketloads of lost marbles...

Today of all days, all anyone had to do was stay put. Could it be more simple?

But no, our local authorities have lost their marbles. In fact they are wandering around knocking on doors with buckets of spherical thingies that they claim will cure all known pandemics. Here's our twit of an alcalde auxiliar with his bucket. 

These pellets could be disinfectant, hydroxychloroquine, murder hornet eggs, holy water in gel form, who knows? The important thing is that they are of no use whatsoever. And that the team deploying them all live down by the old people's home and bear cloth masks as PPE. 

When I first spotted him and his mates this morning I figured this was a slightly ill-advised door to door fund-raising expedition. But then it became clear that they actually want to come INSIDE. They announce their intentions with the caveat that their payload is harmless to children and pets. 

In effect this is little more than an excuse for shuteando

Only a drooling moron would let them in. My neighbour did.

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